Episode 68: Year Two Done


Learning to trust, rely, care for and count on yourself will define your outcomes whether the experiences are positive or negative.

“That win didn’t even feel like a win because the person I celebrate those wins with wasn’t here.”

There are ups and there are downs in this thing called life. Join Allante this week as she talks through switching between intellectual energy and emotional energy, and recentering herself to push through to the end of the school year.

Taking the time to go inward and slowing down to be gentle with herself Allante rediscovered her purpose and found a renewed sense of needing to persist.

“I did it. It was really hard but I just knew I needed to continue to persist.  That was the only option I’ve had. That is my Plan A.”

You may want to grab your tissues because this is gonna get you in the feels.  CLASS IS IN SESSION!

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