Episode 71: The Beauty in the Process w/ Demar

“Life is a marathon, it's all about the pace.  We can’t be out here running sprints expecting to win the race.”  See your sacrifices as investments in your future toward your goal.  By changing your perspective from the goal to the process you start to fall in love with living in the moment and stop seeing the end game as the tumultuous, unattainable entity.

“There is a part of what I know I need to do that requires something different.”

Demar had the self realization that there was a gap in his education.  By letting his curiosity lead, rather than follow the pre-set coursework Demar made a change and he adjusted.  He followed his inside voice and chased his passion. Understanding exactly who he was and staying grounded with what brings him happiness, Demar overcame the largest hurdle people experience when looking to pursue grad school.  He tapped into the resources around him to learn from his rejections and realized he held power in the things he could control while crafting his narrative.

“Sometimes we don’t get the validation from the spaces we are in and when you’re trying to communicate a world and what you’re saying doesn’t make sense to people there is value in finding people you are meant to be in these conversations with.”

Find your purpose, passion and place of peace and own it outright.  “This is a space where you have a right to be;” it helps you get from start to finish because it alone belongs to you.

“The process is more important than the milestone.”... a word...WHEW!

Get ready to be inspired ya’ll because CLASS IS IN SESSION.

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