Episode 80: A Purpose-Driven Pivot w/ Ashley


This week's guest is Allanté's very best friend of 15+ years, Ashley!! Ashley has always had a heart and passion for community where her path led her to a career in non-profit. After she finished undergrad at Michigan State University, she jumped right into a Master's degree in Educational Psychology to bolster her non-profit career trajectory. In the first few years in the sector, Ashley was searching for opportunities to move up and in her searches she'd often see librarian openings.

After a few years in non-profit without the advancements she desired and deserved, Ashley decided to pivot to library science after seeing so many postings when she was searching for positions in the past. She's now earning a second Masters degree, now in Library and Information Science as a pivot to a job that still allows her to serve her purpose in the community.

She shares her story to and through the grad school journey on this week's episode.