Episode 60: Getting Your Space Organized

Get your pens and paper ready as Allante continues the conversation on organization of her time and space.

“Don’t try to fight your own tendencies, rather work with them rather than against them.”

Hustle don’t stop, grind don’t stop especially when it comes to your personal space.  Tackling your space continues with intentionally paying attention to investing in spaces that make you comfortable, productive and optimize your process.

Allante’s key to success starts with being honest with herself and identifying her personal tools.  Compartmentalizing day to day, month to month and semester to semester of your classes and external projects immediately introduces a calming sense of order.  Find the best way for you to get your ideas and thoughts together because there is no one way. Using the resources around you (grants from your grad program, upcycled items or discounted office products) are also great ways to win.

Put a pin in this one because CLASS IS IN SESSION!