The Scholar Circle-Full Semester Membership


The Scholar Circle-Full Semester Membership


Announcing the Scholar Circle, an online community helping women and POC flourish in grad school.

When you are in academia, you know that the workload at the masters’ and Ph.D. level at times feels like the to-do list will never, ever get done. Throw the isolating nature on top of the workload and the combination can really put a damper on your motivation. So many grad students struggle to stay focused. We need and want more social support through the grad school journey.

You are invited to join the Scholar Circle for Summer 2019. Priced as a one-time $59 membership fee, access to the program includes:

  • Live Training Session

  • Exclusive content to help you to accomplish a more balanced life available in the existing Scholar Circle Library with

  • Early release podcast episodes

  • Weekly co-working sessions with your fellow Scholar Circle members that include check-ins which fosters community and helps you to stay motivated

The aim: To foster a network of truly connected scholars with the tools they need to complete their Master's degree or reach ABD status without the isolation, stress, and lack of balance that commonly drives women and POC out graduate school.

You might be thinking, I usually figure out these issues on my own and I’m good. And you’re right. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Even though grad school is a lot solitary work, you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to figure out tricky situation on your own. You can have more people behind you supporting and rooting for you in the community.

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