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Copy of The Scholar Circle-One Month


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Announcing the Scholar Circle, an online community helping women and POC flourish in grad school.

When you are in academia, you know that the workload at the masters’ and Ph.D. level at times feels like the to-do list will never, ever get done. Throw the isolating nature on top of the workload and the combination can really put a damper on your motivation. So many grad students struggle to stay focused. We need and want more social support through the grad school journey.

It's for graduate students like you who are passionate and serious about scholarship and keep that energy when it comes to enjoying their personal life. With this mindset, we come together in our community to not only get things done for grad school while diminishing the isolation that is an unfortunate byproduct of the grad school journey. I think you would derive so much value from all that we do inside The Scholar Circle:

  1. Grad Hacks To Help You Get More Done In Less Time

There are plenty of tech tools like MyTomatoes and systems I've developed like the Research Reading Form help you get more done in less time. We share these often throughout the community.

Value $150 per semester

4. Think Of All Could You Accomplish With 32 Hours Of Distraction-Free Working

Each week we meet for Study Hall, a 2-hour virtual co-working session where we are highly focused. In each cycle, this is equivalent to adding almost an entire workweek (32 hours) of productivity to your semester. Talk about a boost.

Value $250

2. Build Your Scholarly Skills With Exclusive Trainings

There are trainings released every cycle (Fall, Summer, Spring) of the Scholar Circle to help you further your abilities as a researcher. Think of it as condensing the Google searches/self-learning time-suck to a 1-2 hour training that you can access anytime. You’ll also have access to the growing library of trainings from the past cycles.

Value $400 per semester

3. Community To Give You Life.

There’s no other way to describe our wonderful community. From setbacks to big milestone wins, the community holds each and every member down. Like most grad students, it can be difficult for family + friends to feel where we are coming from, but everyone in the group gets it which makes for a very supportive and refreshing space to just be who you are.

Value Priceless and Fun 😄

5. Get Ahead Of The Game With A Roadmap For Your Success.

Each semester starts with a planning session where we flesh out your goals and create a 16-week action plan. And it's not just for your academic pursuits. Every member of The Scholar Circle commits to at least one personal goal for the semester because we value balance. One-on-one sessions are a bonus for members that join by September 30th, 2019.

Value $150

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