Learn LaTeX workshop


I have some goodness I want to share with you but before that I want to ask you 3 quick questions

  1. Do you do any academic writing? CVs, research papers, thesis, dissertations?

  2. Does you work include tables, figures or citations?

  3. Do you waste time formatting and reformatting papers? 

  4. Did you get frustrated when you’re wasting precious  time fooling around with formatting issues instead of focusing on what information you are sharing?

If you answered yes to any of these I have another question for you….

What if I told you there was a better way to write your papers without wasting time on formatting?

Here’s the goodness I wanted to share with you…LaTeX is the answer! It’s formatting program built with the academic in mind and literally takes care of all that! 

LaTeX (pronounced LAY-tech or LAH-tech) is a typesetting program that completely takes care of formatting and lets you, the scholar, focus on the knowledge you're sharing. Those that are familiar with LaTeX are often under the impression that is only for those in physical science fields, but the capabilities of LaTex aren't just for those with a bunch of math equations in their paper. LaTeX will work for you if:

  • your work includes any tables or figures

  • you maintain a CV

  • your paper, thesis, or dissertation has references (which every one does)

  • you spend time on formatting papers for class or research

  • you generate your research literature on your own, typically getting input for revisions and editing

  • your collaborators use LaTeX

LaTex will make formatting woes a thing of a past, so you can spend more time focused on writing your paper.


In those 90 minutes you’ll go from newbie to a LaTex beast!

What you’ll get in the Learn LaTeX session:

Go from newbie to pro user in 90 minutes flat with this workshop. You’ll learn the basics of LaTex on Overleaf, an easy-to-use online editor. NOTE: This will not be a lecture! In this interactive workshop where you’ll be guided step-by-step instructions through the fundamentals of the program, from figures, tables, cross-referencing, and citation management. Find out quick and easy hacks that make LaTeX even more even more time-saving and productivity boosting.


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