Episode 40: Masters or PhD?


Application season is upon us. If you’re considering secondary education and don’t know if you want to pursue a Masters or Ph.D., this episode is for you. Allante’ sits down to discuss the differences, the pros and cons, and the approach to picking which degree is most beneficial for you. She touches on “The Illustrated guide to Ph.D.’s” by Dr. Matt Mike, which addresses the circle of human knowledge.

When you’re considering secondary education you may ask yourself, “Do I really need a Masters in this field? What do I gain from getting a Ph.D.?” Allante’ answers those questions with more questions to help you dig deeper on your journey.

“What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to be an expert on a topic, or do you want to gain knowledge on a topic and specialize and be a specialist where you know where to get answers and figure things out?”

Don’t know the answer just yet? Try out Allante’s e-mail course “Get to Grad School” blkingradschool.com/apply. This week-long course will help you figure it out.

Learn how to be comfortable in your winnings by listening to this week’s Lessons from the Trap.

We travel to Allante’s hometown of Detroit to listen to “Lucky You” by Eminem.