Episode 44: Money Trees


Many times we sit and fill out a ton of applications – essay after essay, personal statement after personal statement, for a ton of graduate programs, just to be stalled by none other than the nonrefundable fees you have to pay before you apply. Say you climb that hurdle, and, woohoo you’re accepted. Great job, but who is going to pay for your attendance?

Allanté sits down to discuss some ways you can secure the bag when furthering your education. Outside of sponsorships, fellowships, and employment what are the best ways to pay for school without going into debt?

After tuning in to the episode be sure to catch to the webinar, “How to Secure Graduate School Funding,” for more information.

After talking about money, you maybe a little stressed. Find some positivity with this week’s Lessons from the Trap. Logic’s “The Return,” provides positivity for the hard times when everything feels lost.